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Theological Training

Have you ever wanted to lead a Bible study group but not felt equipped to do so? Have you ever wanted a forum for asking more in-depth theological questions? Have you ever wanted to feel more in-the-know about theological topics? Dr. Ely Prieto’s class might be for you!

Pastor Prieto taught a course at the Brazilian seminary during the summer of 2012.

Pastor Prieto completed seminary training at Concordia Seminary in Brazil and earned his doctoral degree from Concordia Theological Seminary in St. Louis, Missouri. He has a passion for teaching and preaching, and his free theological classes are a chance for you to catch that contagious passion.

These once-a-week courses are designed to be open to anyone and everyone, whether you are new to theology or an old pro. It is LINC’s hope that students will apply their learning in situations that will allow them to share the Gospel with others, whether it be in a small group Bible study, a congregational Bible class, or a one-on-one encounter with someone seeking the Lord.

If you are interested in learning more about theology, contact Dr. Prieto today. He can let you know what topics his class will be covering in the coming months, when they meet, and what you’ll learn.

No classes are currently meeting, but contact Dr. Prieto to get one started!