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Church on Location

Want to make a big difference in a simple way? Consider: Do you already attend a Bible study or weekly small group? What if you did the exact same study, but did it in a place where you could easily involve and include new people? What if your small group or Bible study were to relocate to a homeless shelter or a nursing home where you could invite the residents to join in? Or what if you merely changed your meeting place from inside the walls of a church to a local coffee shop where your conversations about God and the Bible could be easily overheard by non-Christians? Intimidating? Maybe. Difficult? Not really. Want some help? You got it!

LINC is working with congregations and small groups to create “missional communities” and “house churches” around the city. That means we’re helping people take their church services or small group Bible studies outside of their regular buildings and relocating them to places such as nursing homes, mobile home parks, and homeless shelters.

We already have connections for such projects at Haven for Hope, community nursing homes, and a couple of neighborhoods. If you’d like resources, training, guidance, or just a hand to hold as you boldly move outside of your comfort zone for the sake of the Gospel, give us a call. We’re here to LINC you to your neighbors!