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Eagle Ford Oil Field Chaplain Corps

The Eagle Ford Chaplain Corps is based in Karnes County, Texas, with the goal of reaching oil field workers, their wives, and families with the Gospel of Christ Jesus. The Chaplain Corps was named for the Eagle Ford Shale, a large stretch of oil rich land reaching as far east as Louisiana and as far west as West Texas and Mexico. Karnes County is one of the most oil rich areas in this shale. Prior to the arrival of the oil industry, Karnes County was the poorest county, economically, of all of Texas’ 254 counties. When the oil industry arrived, three years later the county became one of Texas’ wealthiest counties. Not only has the county’s economy boomed, but its population has as well. Oil industry workers are rig workers, land men and women, administrators, businessmen, and safetymen, to name a few.

The Chaplain Corps desires to reach out to this growing population and bring them the love and forgiveness that comes only through our Lord Christ Jesus. By building relationships with the workers we hope to become a familiar and comfortable presence for them, opening doors for prayer, Bible study, and spiritual guidance. The Lord is our guide and we know He will lead this ministry in places and in ways we cannot yet comprehend.

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