LINC San Antonio

Linking people to people, linking people to Christ

Get Involved

Interested in becoming involved with LINC San Antonio? There are lots of ways! Here are some of them:

Designate & Donate. LINC San Antonio makes careful stewardship a priority. LINC’s staff prayerfully creates and launches programs that will become self-sustaining and long-lasting roads into the community. Your financial contributions are precious resources in this process. If you designate to the General Fund,  contribute Thrivent Choice Dollars or apply for Thrivent Action Team Dollars, your donations function as seed money for new ministries and new ways to reach the unchurched. If you donate to any of our recurring programs and ministries, your gifts will be used to strengthen and maintain those outreach efforts. If you choose to donate to our endowment fund, you will help LINC continue to reach the lost of San Antonio for years to come. However you choose to designate your gifts to LINC, you can be assured that they will be used to grow God’s Kingdom in San Antonio and beyond.

Pray. Pray that the Lord of the Harvest raises up leaders and volunteers who have a longing to see San Antonio won over to Christ. Pray that God will mobilize His Church to reach out to all people in the city with the Gospel. Pray that God will provide the resources and avenues with which we can take the love of Jesus to everyone we meet.

Join the Network. Volunteer! There are endless opportunities for you to volunteer your time and talents toward Kingdom expansion. Contact us to join our database of networked volunteers. We will talk with you about your skills, talents, and the things that tug at your heartstrings. If there’s an opportunity immediately open for you, we will find it. Otherwise, we’ll talk with you about how to create the ministry God is calling you into!

Invite LINC to Speak. LINC loves to speak to churches and other groups. When we visit, we share the vision and mission of LINC from a Biblical perspective, and we get folks involved in an activity that will get their creative ministry juices flowing. No group is too large or too small for us to enjoy visiting. Call us today to schedule a visit.

Share Resources. While LINC definitely needs funding to keep about the business of mobilizing God’s people in San Antonio, there are lots of other things to donate besides funds. For example, you might have building supplies leftover from a renovation project, cloth leftover from a craft project, or used books and toys that are piling up around the house. Donations also include things LINC could just borrow, such as power-washers, gardening tools, equipment, and even just storage space in your garage! We also want to know about discounts and matching funds that might be available through your place of employment. Everything you have is a gift from God and can be used in service to His Kingdom.

Share an Idea. We are created in the image of a creative God. God has blessed you with a unique mind and a unique heart. That means that you are able to come up with ideas that no one else will come up with, and LINC wants to hear them! If you have an idea for ministry, email it to us, write us a letter, or call us on the phone. The Holy Spirit doesn’t plant those thoughts in our minds to be kept silent, and while LINC might not be able to create ministries over night, we would like to be a part of the action!

Share a Need You See. You are going to encounter people in your daily life that LINC might otherwise have no contact with. You are the eyes and ears of LINC and more importantly, of Jesus, in your neighborhood and at your place of employment. If you see any needs that we should be aware of, please share that with us. Perhaps we know of an agency that can help. Perhaps we know of a way to get the church involved. But first, we have to see what you see. Give us a call!



SUPPLIES:  If you’d like to purchase supplies for LINC, we are ALWAYS in need of the following items:

Bibles, Devotions and Study Material – for all ages – large print – Spanish –  Childrens – Teens – Adults – Mothers

Toiletries (travel sized preferred, but any are good)  – shampoo  – conditioner  – soap/body wash  – deodorant  – toothpaste  – toothbrushes  – toothbrush cases/holders/covers  – washcloths  – adult socks  – disposable razors (men’s & women’s)  – lotion  – hand sanitizer  – lip balm

Kids craft supplies  – Glue sticks (sticks preferred over bottles)  – Construction paper  – Crayons  – Markers – Etc.

Disposable diapers (all sizes) 

Office & seminar supplies  – Copy paper  – HP 21/22 printer ink cartridges  – Ball point pens  – Highlighters

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