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Vacation Bible School

Nurture the beautiful bonds formed through VBS!

LINC’s approach to Vacation Bible School is not so very different from most churches’ approaches. However, we believe that it is critical to make VBS a relational ministry instead of allowing it to remain merely programmatic. What does that mean? That means LINC seeks ways to use the bonds and friendships formed during a VBS week to develop long-term, self-sustaining communication and relationship between host churches and the families in the surrounding neighborhoods.

This might take the form of a back-to-school party in an apartment complex near a church. It might take the form of personal home visits with families and kids who attended VBS. It might mean creating a Christmas event specifically for the children who attended VBS but who do not attend the church. There are lots of ways to keep the outreach going throughout the year. VBS should be a way to make relationships, not a way to kill time during the summer.

If you would like to volunteer in some capacity with our inner-city and urban VBS outreach programs, please call us! We can use your help and talents!

If your church would like to meet with one of our urban mission developers to brainstorm ways you can extend your VBS program, call LINC today!