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Children’s Ministries

In the Gospels, Jesus showed clear and consistent care for children and he commanded his followers to do the same. LINC San Antonio values and loves children of all ages and backgrounds, and we desire that they all come to a knowledge and love of their Savior, Jesus Christ. To that end, we have developed and will continue to develop programs designed to bring the Good News of Christ to the children of San Antonio. Currently we do so through the following ministries and outreach endeavors:

Latch-Key Midweek Program: This is a weekly outreach program designed to give latch-key kids in low-income neighborhoods a place to go where they are known, safe, and loved. While with our LINC staff and volunteers, children are taught Bible stories and lessons, given a meal or a snack (depending upon the site’s meet-up schedule), and engaged in active and constructive play. Many of the children who attend our Midweek have begun attending church because they have learned that the church is a place where they are welcomed and loved. Some have even begun bringing their parents to church on occasion!

Children’s Music Academy: This is another weekly program designed for students in low-income neighborhoods, ages 8-14. Once a week in the afternoon after school releases, students can come and learn music appreciation and basic music theory, and practice on rhythm instruments. Students are given a healthful snack and are given a great deal of attention and love as well as truths from Scripture. We are currently looking for a new leader/volunteer team for this program. If you like music and kids, that’s really all it takes! 

School Mentor:  Individuals across the city can enter public schools (after completing a background check) and tutor students in reading and math.  As relationships between student and mentor are formed conversations open up and give us a chance to witness to these students.  Contact us to get involved with one of our partner schools or to receive help in building a relationship with schools in your neighborhood.

For more information on any of these children’s outreach ministries, to donate to them, or to get involved, please contact Lydia Garvey. (210) 701-6607 or