LINC San Antonio

Linking people to people, linking people to Christ

Network Concept

What happens when someone at a church has an idea for ministry, but cannot find anyone else at her church who wants to help? Unfortunately, the answer is often nothing. But what if that person were to be connected with two people at another church with a similar idea? And what if those three were to be connected with a handful of others from churches all over the city? What if that group of people were assembled, trained, equipped with resources, and planted in an area where they’re needed? Well, that’s when great ministry happens. But who is around that can coordinate and facilitate the linking of these things? The answer: LINC San Antonio. It’s what LINC was born to do. Literally!

LINC is operated by urban mission developers whose job it is to network with area non-profits, para-church organizations, communities in need, and LINC partner congregations. Urban mission developers interface between these groups and help stimulate and launch new ministries all over the city. We identify and train leaders and help them find the resources they need to accomplish the Great Commission in their own backyard. We believe that the churches in this city can be greater than the sum of their parts. We believe that God wants us to work together to claim San Antonio for Him.

If you would like an urban mission developer to visit your church or add your organization to the network, call or email us today.